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General FAQs Read below for general info and help with using PPPay.com.

  1. What can PPPay.com do for me ?
  2. Why would you need to use PPPay.com ?
  3. Scenarios
  4. What are Instant and Escrow payments?
  5. Are there any restrictions or limits?
  6. How long do payments take ?
  7. Is it expensive ?
  8. What is a Bronze member?
  9. What is a Silver member?
  10. What is a Gold member?
  11. Do I need cookies to be turned on?

1. What can PPPay.com do for me ?
You can send and receive payments from anyone with a valid email address and debit/credit card in British Pounds and Euro's or a bank account in these currencies with online banking facilities.
2. Why would you need to use PPPay.com ?
To pay people and to receive payments with speed, convenience, efficiency and security. Click here to view our demo.
3. Scenarios

Speed with Instant Payments
Tom is at University and has asked his Dad for money. Tom needs the money quickly. Sending money by cheque or traditional transfer will take too long so Tom's dad sends the money via his PPPay.com account to Tom's PPPay.com account. This payment took less than 1 second to reach Tom's PPPay.com account. Tom's account is immediately credited. Tom is now set for his 'debating' society meeting at the Fox and Hounds.

Convenience with Instant Payments
Rachel and 7 of her office colleagues went for dinner which came to £245.00 or £35 per head. Rachel put her credit card down and tells everyone that she will collect the money tomorrow. The next day Rachel logs onto her PPPay.com account and simply puts all the email addresses of her colleagues and how much they each owe her and presses the send button. Each of the 7 at dinner the night before receive an email with the amount they need to pay Rachel.

5 of the 7 are not members at PPPay.com but register by clicking on the link in the email. Registration takes about 30 seconds. Once registered they can debit their bank and make payment to Rachel instantly. Those who are already registered take even less time to pay her. If anyone does not pay straightaway Rachel is not concerned because PPPay.com automatically ticks (green) when paid and unticked (red) when they have not paid. This assures Rachel that there will be no confusion as to who has and hasn't paid. Rachel now has cash in her bank and 30 days to pay off her credit card.

Efficiency with Instant Payments
Sally wants to place a bid at an online auction site. She does not want to be bothered with writing a cheque, getting and sending a postal order or making a bank transfer. All of which can take up to 5 days or more to complete the transaction.

Sally makes a bid for an item with a value of £4.50 and is successful. She receives the contact details including the email of the seller from the online auction house. Sally logs into her PPPay.com account which has a balance of £5.50 and enters the amount of £4.50 and the email address of the seller and presses send. The seller receives immediate notification from PPPay.com. He is already a PPPay.com member and just clicks to accept and the funds are transferred into his PPPay.com account immediately.

Thats it! Sally has paid for the goods and it does not cost her a penny. If the seller had not been a member, the £4.50 email payment would still have reached him and he simply would need to register which takes less than 30 seconds. Once registered, the next time someone sends a payment to him he simply clicks on the email link and accepts. Funds will show up in his account immediately.

Security with Escrow Payments
Mark has made a successful bid on a Minidisc player that was being auctioned at an online auction site by Fred Bloggs. This might be a problem because Mark lives 250 miles away in the South of England and the seller is a new member to Mark's regular auction site and does not have any trading or feedback history. Mark opts for PPPay.com escrow payment.
He instructs PPPay.com to send the £175.00 plus £5.00 postage via escrow payment to the seller. The seller receives confirmation that the money has been safely deposited. The seller is now requested to ship the Minidisc player by either the Royal Mail's Recorded or Special delivery service that automatically includes an insured track and trace delivery service.

Mark feels very comfortable in the knowledge that if the Minidisc player does not turn up his money will be safe and will be returned to him with no loss. If the Minidisc player does turn up, he has the chance to inspect the Minidisc player to make sure it is the right model and there is no damage. Mark knows that PPPay.com have the tracking ID and once the goods have turned up and have been signed for PPPay.com can release the funds to the seller after a 24hr inspection period. This also gives the seller peace of mind knowing that PPPay.com can confirm that the goods have arrived and the buyer cannot deny having received them.

4. What are Instant and Escrow Payments?
Instant Payments If you feel comfortable with the person you are sending money to this is the easy and fast way to send money. You enter the person receiving the money's email address, the amount to be sent and press go - Payment is then made and received instantly.

Escrow Payments - Dictionary defination. Money held by a third party until the conditions of an agreement are met. For instance, pending the completion of a purchase, the payment for the goods will be held in escrow

  • As a seller, PPPay.com protects you from fraudulent buyers, and helps to establish you as a trustworthy seller - preventing the potential stalemate that can occur when you are unable to physically meet with the buyer to conduct the exchange.
  • If you are purchasing from anyone who insists on you sending the money before the goods are sent - watch out! You should insist on using an escrow service, or be prepared to lose your money. PPPay.com will protect you from fraudulent sellers. The rate of fraud on the Internet is growing rapidly. If a seller is reluctant to use an escrow service it should ring alarm bells !
5. Are there any restrictions or limits?
Bronze members are able to send and receive payments immediately after registering but need to upgrade to a Silver membership to send more than £100.00. Payment cannot be accepted by the receiver until the sender has completed the card validation check. This restriction is lifted as long as the sender passed the Vefified by Visa or Mastercard Securecode checks. Payments can be accepted immediately also if the origin of the payment was a bank account or PPPay account balance. See sections 8, 9 and 10 below.

Once e-money has been credited to your PPPay balance it is available for withdrawal.

For the protection of our customers in case an issue arises, e-money payments received maybe temporarily held in a pending balance. In most cases this never arises but if it does, we will endeavour to lift the restrictions as quickly as possible if we can establish there are no issues with the order. Such measure are required on occasions to ensure that there are e-money funds in the seller's account to cover potential claims, chargebacks and returns.

6. How long do payments take?
Instant - uploading of funds, transfers and receipts are immediate
7. Is it expensive?
Judge for yourself. You'll find we have the cheapest rates of any of our competitors.

GBP(£) Fee Table
All Cards Bank Account Account Balance
Send Free Free Free
Receive 3.3% + £0.20 3.2% + £0.10 3.1% + £0.00
PayPal Standard Rate Comparison 3.4% + £0.20 3.4% + £0.20 3.4% + £0.20
Withdraw Free
escrow £0.99

EUR(€) Fee Table
All Cards Bank Account Account Balance
Send Free Free
Receive 3.3% + €0.25 3.1% + €0.00
PayPal Standard Rate Comparison 3.4% + €0.35 3.4% + €0.35
Withdraw 1% (Min.€5)
escrow €1.59

The bank that issued your credit card may treat the transaction as a cash advance on your card and may charge you a cash advance fee.

8. What is a Bronze member ?

Bronze members can send and receive payments immediately after registering. Once a payment has been made, they will need to validate the card by entering the amount on their bank statement to upgrade to Silver status. Cards no longer have to be validated for the payment to be acceptable by the receiver.

Click "Upgrade" FAQs above to view the sending and withdrawing limits.

9. What is a Silver member ?
Silver members have greater sending and receiving limits. They will have at least one validated debit or credit card in their account.

Click "Upgrade" FAQs above to view the sending and withdrawing limits.

Upgrading to Silver - We require a security fee to allow you to upgrade from Bronze to Silver member status. It involves PPPay.com deducting a medium amount from your debit card in your Upgrade/Status centre or when you first send a debit card payment. You will then need to check your bank account statement and tell us the exact amount that was debited. You only get one go at entering the amount so be very careful. This will provide us with additional confirmation that you are indeed who you say you are. The amount of the New Card Security Fee was reduced in Feb 2011 by 75% when it is included within a Send Payment. The amount when a standard card upgrade is made is around £1 or 1, we are working on reducing this also.

10. What is a Gold member ?
Gold members are members that require an higher than average purse limit. To become a Gold member you must meet certain conditions and your limit will be at the discretion of PPPay.com. Gold members will gain access to our Full Checkout facilities as well. See our Checkout FAQ page.
11. Do I require cookies to be turned on?
PPPay.com requires cookies to be turned on. "Cookies" are small files placed on the hard drive of your computer to assist us in providing our services. All our cookies are "session cookies," meaning that they are automatically deleted from your hard drive once you end your session (that is, log out or a short amount of time passes in which you make no contact with the PPPay.com website).

How can I set my browser to accept cookies?

If you're using Internet Explorer 6.0
At the top of your browser on your Task Bar:
Choose Tools
Then Internet Options
Click the Privacy tab
The default setting is medium, which will allow you to accept cookies. To change this setting, move the slider to determine which setting you prefer. If your setting has been set to Custom, click the Advanced button and choose Accept Cookies.

If you're using Mozilla Firefox
At the top of your browser on your Task Bar:
Click Tools
Then Options
Click on Cookies
Select Allow sites to set cookies.

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