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Joining FAQs Read below for help with joining and sending money for the first time.

  1. How do I join
  2. Who can join PPPay?

1. How do I join

There are 2 different ways in which you can obtain membership with

  • Via the Checkout Centre You can send up to immediately from our Checkout Desk. If you were referred to us from then you will probably have been sent a link in your closing auction email that sends you to the checkout page. Click on this link and you can fill in your card details (first time users) or fill in you login details (already registered users).

    Otherwise, from the frontpage of the site, fill in the details and you will be sent to an area where you can add your card details. Already regsitered users can use this facility also.

    If you are using to send money from for the first time, we will debit a small security fee on top of the amount you are sending and our normal sending fee. This will mean you will not know the exact amount we have debited until you view you bank statement or call your bank to find out.

    Once you have found out then you will be able to login to the Members Centre, enter the exact amount we have debited from your card for your first transaction with us. If you enter the incorrect amount your debit card will be deemed as unusable and you will have to go through another security check to be able to send money again.

    If you enter the correct amount your account will be upgraded to Silver and you will be free to send (both Instant and Escrow methods) and withdraw money

  • Via our Joining Form Click the Join button at the top of the page and you will be taken to our joining form. Fill this form in to receive your confirmation email. Click the link on the confirmation email and you account will be activated.

    To start with you will be activated as a Bronze member. As a Bronze member you have 2 choices.

    • Send up to immediately
    • Upgrade to Silver status

    If you upgrade to Silver status you will have higher Instant sending limits, you will be able to send via Escrow and you will be able to withdraw money. Click here to understand how and why to upgrade.

2. Who can use PPPay?
To use PPPay you will require a credit/debit card issued in either GBP or EUR or a bank account denominated in either GBP or EUR. If you do not own both any of these then you are unable to use PPPay.

We are therefore accepting users from the following countries

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