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Xchange FAQs Read below for info on currency exchanging British Pounds and Euro's .

  1. How can I send or exchange funds ?
  2. Is it expensive to exchange currencies ?
  3. Can I see the exchange rates used ?

1. How can I send or exchange funds ?
You are able to send and receive British Pounds and Euros from other members using the Send and Request options. You can also use the Xchange option to make internal currency transactions to and from your own currency accounts within PPPay.com.
2. Is it expensive to use the Xchange?
No. There are no fees incurred for making currency transactions from one of your currency accounts to another.
4. Can I see the exchange rates used ?
Yes. Our exchange rates will be offered to you before the transaction is accepted. We apply a spread to protect against the volatility and risk associated with the forex market that compares favorably with medium volume non commerical bank and tourist rates. We can do this by using our extensive buying power for volume trading

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